Copy of Behind the Furniture

Commissioning a portrait is an exciting and important decision. The end result is not only a work of art that neither artist nor patron could have envisioned alone, but it is also an heirloom and memory that will be cherished for many decades to come. I approach each portrait with attention to capturing the subject’s character and personality in the context of a well-composed painting. Live sittings are preferred, as this provides the most favorable elements for capturing the whole person visually and emotionally.

Process and What to Expect

To start, we’ll have a conversation about the details necessary to complete the portrait. Things to guide our conversation will be: pose, clothing, setting, and size. Ideally, the portrait is completed with all live sittings, but if this is not possible, then the following will be employed:

The next steps involve preliminary sketches and a photo shoot. We will then do a color study from a live sitting, so I may further get to know the subject in person and capture the unique qualities of his or her personality while laying down accurate color in oil. I will use all of these as references back in my studio. After the portrait has progressed, it is preferred to do at least one more formal sitting with the subject, and that is determined on timeline and availability.


The details of our conversation will be finalized in a contract which we will both sign. 50% is due on signing the contract. The end balance is due upon completion and your satisfaction with the painting.

Portrait paintings in oil, head and shoulders, start at $800
Portrait drawings, head and shoulders, start at $300

Pricing does not include framing, which is available for an additional fee.

Please contact me for more details and to get started.